A hub of cultures
in the heart of Tokyo.

A space where people and cultures can come together, connect, and comingle. A space where communication transcends all barriers. Along with all the essential travel accommodations, Q Stay and lounge fuses art, culture, and innovative AI technologies with local atmosphere and charm into an entirely new type of hostel for an entirely new type of social experience.

Q Stay and lounge’s central feature is our exciting and sensory guest experience. The sense of Wa (harmony) between the design themes of each floor, projected art installations, artwork from Tokyo’s up-and-coming creatives, an AI-assisted, multilingual realtime translation service… Each aspect an opportunity for an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to Ueno: the gateway district connecting Tokyo to the world, where history and traditions intersect with the latest cultural trends. Q Stay and lounge is nestled in the neighborhood of Higashi-Ueno, a welcoming, low-key area located just outside of the hustle and bustle of nearby Ueno Station. It makes an ideal home base for travelers exploring Ueno and the rest of Tokyo. The neighborhood is dotted with hole-in-the-wall shops and eateries, historic shrines and temples, all with a distinct retro charm and a sense of old-fashioned Japanese hospitality.