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2-13-2 Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan
Check in 15:00 - Check out 11:00

Ryo Kuwamiya

Ryō Kuwamiya / artist

[Brief Bio]
1995  Born in Miyazaki prefecture
2018  Entered the Master’s Program at Tokyo University of the Arts
2019  Created artwork for KOHH “UNTITLED” TOUR
     Co-created KOHH「LIVE IN CONCERT」flyer design
Present   Master’s Program student at Tokyo University of the Arts

To me, the cultural appeal of hip hop is how rappers use their rap as a vehicle of self-affirmation, and to overcome physical poverty or mental conflict through expression.

In a similar way, I aim to find my own sense of self-affirmation through expression in my painting.

Hip hop is the collective name given to the culture formed by the four elements of rap, DJing, dance, and graffiti, and I want to be able to live as a player in hip hop culture through my painting.

I post new works on my Instagram: @ryo-kuwamiya



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